*solved* rv.commands.markFrame() ? python call appears to do nothing

Hoping someone can help me out on this.

I'm fairly new still to the Rv python / Mu API though I've had colleagues show me how to lookup Mu symbols and the documentation.

However at the moment I am trying to pythonically mark the frames as you would through (Edit > Mark Frame  - M), and every variation of code I've tried simply returns None and does nothing.


 rv.commands.markFrame(1030, True)


F = MuSymbol('commands.markFrame')

F(1030, True)


runtime.eval('commands.markFrame(1030, true)', ['commands'])



None of these calls seem to do anything. Am I missing something obvious? This is running in a MinorMode class which is using other rv.commands calls successfully.



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    Jordan Olson

    Rv was expecting a normalized frame range, e.g. 1 - 100 rather than 1017 - 1117 in my case.