starting new session of RVpush


iam playing with Rvpush and i would like to know how to start an RVpush session directly.

Now if i do rvpush set <mediaArgs>, i will get an exit error "15: Cound not connect to running RV, started new one." And then the new RVpush session will be open in a process. 

It would be great if i could create an empty RVpush new session directly without the two step process in the terminal. It make it difficult to manage RVpush in a more complex python script where you want to manage the running RV sessions.



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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Nicolas,

    As you know you can use the -tag argument to rvpush in order to "contain" your communication to a particular running RV (in case there is more than one).  When you know there is no appropriate RV running yet, you can start one directly (without using rvpush):

    rv -network -networkTag foo

    Then you can use the "foo" tag in any future rvpush commands to talk to that RV:

    rvpush -tag foo -mu-eval 'print("this is the foo RV\n");'

    Hope that helps,