Setting the ui.name in new-source event


  I was wondering how to change the name of the clip that you see in the UI.  Right now, it's using the prefix of the images RV reads, but unfortunately, the way we store files is that they all have the same prefix, but are stored in different directories.  I figured I could write a new-source package that would read the path the images are stored in and then change the name.  I was trying something like:

sourceGroup = associatedNode("RVSourceGroup", source);

setStringProperty("%s.ui.name" % sourceGroup, string[] {"A New String"});

but that doesn't appear to be working.  Any help is welcome!

As a second question, I'm also looking to also automatically make RV start up in 1:1 zoom and resize the geometry of the window to fit the image.  Is this possible as well?

Thank you!



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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Jake,

    I think the only issue with your code is that associatedNode() is walking the DAG in the wrong direction for what you want, which is to go "up" to the group node.  I think just replacing "associatedNode" with "nodeGroup" should get it working.

    As to the second question, this can be a little tricky, but there is a preference that goes some ways in this direction.  If you turn on "FIt Window to First Media Loaded" you should get what you're after in most cases.



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    Jake Richards

    Thanks!  The nodeGroup was what I was looking for.