render driver examples


i'm looking into the feasibility of creating a render driver for arnold/RV that can display rendered buckets in RV as they are completed.  i'm assuming this sort of thing is done via sockets. are there any examples of how to do this on the RV side?   are there any gotchas i should know about?



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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Chad,

    Yes, you'd do this via the RV Network API, which is built on socket communication.    With RV we distribute the program "rvshell" as an example of using this API from a C++ app.  The rvshell source is in src/rvshell and the source to the C++ implementation of the network API (to which rvshell links) is in src/TwkQtChat.  There is also a Python implementation of the API in src/python/network/rvNetwork.py.

    For the Arnold app it's probably easiest to use TwkQtChat using rvshell as a model.  Note that you need to add an event loop to manage the socket communication; making a QCoreApplication is probably the most lightweight way to achieve that.

    Hope that helps,


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    Chad Dombrova

    thanks, that example will help a lot.