How to connect an attachment to a Version (as Uploaded Movie)?


Sorry for being new, I have been trying to grasp a basic concept and failed =)

I'm trying to connect an uploaded file to a Version's Uploaded Movie attribute. How do I do this? My steps:

1) I created a new Version, making sure it's linked to the current project and sequence of choice. Also filled out the fields sg_path_to_movie and sg_path_to_frames

2) I used the upload() function and specified Version as entity_type and Version Id for entity_id and of course specified the QuickTime itself.

This does however not create any magic connection for me, so I have tried all sorts of ideas but none worked for me. What am I missing?


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    Matt Welker

    Hi Andreas,


    Here's what I do:

    # Create the version

    result = sg.create('Version', data)

    # Use the ID from the previous result to update the newly created version calling sg.upload and specifying 'sg_uploaded_movie'
    result = sg.upload('Version', result['id'], '/path/to/my/movie/reallyCoolVersion_v001.mov', 'sg_uploaded_movie')

    Give it a shot.


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    Andreas Ekoutsidis

    Oh, it was that easy! Missed that last argument completely! Thanks!! :) 

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    John Vanderbeck

    Yeah apparently the default value for the field isn't correct so it won't 'link.  Not sure if this is a bug what.