Getting Thumbnail Attachment for a Shot


Using the API I'm trying to get the ID of a thumbnail associated with an entity, in this case a shot, so I can download it and display it.

I've successfully managed to download the thumbnail using the download_attachment() function, by hard-coding the attachment ID, however when I try and find the ID Shotgun is returning nothing. I'm sure it's because Shotgun isn't storing the thumbnail in its attachment table, so where is it?

I know the Attachment ID is 65, which I found by choosing "View Image" from the thumbnail's context menu - this is what I use to successfully download the image using:


But, if I try:

  sg.find_one("Attachment", [["id", "is", 65]])


  sg.find_one("Attachment", [["attachment_links", "is", {"type": "Shot", "id": 860}]], ["id"])

Shotgun returns nothing. "Attachment" seems to be the only logical entity type for these I can see in the schema.

Any help here would be gratefully received!

Many thanks, Christian


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    Chanon Vilaiyuk

    While waiting for support to give us a proper answer. I did some search and found out a work around with urllib from the following post



    import urllib

    projName = 'Project Name'

    filePath = 'C:/thumbnail.jpg'

    shot = sg.find_one('Shot', filters = [['project.Project.name', 'is', projName], ['id', 'is', 12]], fields = ['image', 'entity'])

    urllib.urlretrieve(shot['image'], filePath)


    Hope this help.