API - creating custom entities


I'm writing to inquire if anyone is utilizing shotgun to control VFX show related data in terms of:

Custom code versioning for Nuke, Maya, RV, Render Management tools, etc... and environment variables that are set within shotgun to control a show env.

Example would be:

A custom GUi is written to select which show you're about to work on and the 'type' of software you're about to launch (Nuke, Maya, etc...)

When the show and software is selected, the utility queries shotgun for (Custom Code variables and versions, variables and versions for Python, Maya, Nuke, RV, etc..., Operating system type, etc...).

This could(?) eliminate the headache of keeping this type of information stored in various scripts.

Basically, (ha) I'm looking at shotgun as a one stop shop for keeping all of this organized. Using shotgun as the motherbrain to control all show and software related data (in my mind) and across multiple facilities would be ideal.

P.S. If anyone in the VFX community has ideas, or would like to share code (if legally able) post them here.  I've seen a lot of people reaching out for help, as I have.

P.S.S. Also if anyone has created a wrapper script to make the shotgun syntax easier, please please post it OR if there's a better way to reference, that would be fantastic. Trying to decipher [ sg.find_one('HumanUser', [["email", "contains", user]], ['id', 'firstname', 'lastname', 'email', 'sg_abbreviation'] ) | sg.find('Task', [['task_assignees', 'name_contains', sg_user_name]], ['id', 'content', 'entity', 'task_assignees']) ] makes my brain bleed. :-)


Thanks much!