EDL Export for dailies

Is there anything in Shotgun currently/upcoming, or does anyone have a script they'd be willing to share, that allows us to export a playlist as an EDL for editorial handoff for dailies? I would love to script the Avid to just suck up the EDL right out of Shotgun so the editor doesn't need to do anything relative to the dailies review creation.




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    Ben Hadden

    Hey Den,

    We don't have anything planned just yet, but I'd love to know more about how this would work for you.  Do you assemble your Playlists in Shotgun and then the editor matches them in the Avid?  We've been leaning on RV to help with this a lot, have you tried that integration?  It sounds like you might be after an Avid version of our RV integration, but let me know for sure.

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    Dennis Serras

    We haven't dug deeply enough into this yet to find out - though we'll find out soon enough. I was hoping to have it all set up from the start - it really needs to be pretty bulletproof. We do have RV integration, and we can use that for playback, but in the end we'd like to be able to bring that playlist into whatever playback system we use - Quantel, Scratch, Avid, etc. - which is why I was hoping for an EDL export.

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    Tom Stratton

    Creating an EDL is much easier than importing the data - everything you need to know is in the playlist as long as your individual shots include information about in and out points in a consistent manner (eg:always frames or always time-code). 

    Actionmenu -> Pull the versions, read the in/out from the shots, convert all to time code and spit out the EDL

    I see a lot of EDL requests on the board - next time I have some spare time I should jump in and code em up - so far Ive only been interested in reading the EDLS so I don't have a script for you at this point. Can I as how you finally solved this?