How to access data within a shot entity?

Okay, I know this must be absurdly simple, but I just can't seem to enter any commands that don't give me some kind of error.

All I want to do is access the frame information for a given shot via Python.  Looking over the API and forum, it seems like I need to do a schema read on the particular shot in question, but schema only ever seems to print out a general data structure, and not the actual values of the variables.  Here's as far as I've gotten:

project = sg.find_one("Project", [["name", "is", "testJob"]])

shot = sg.find_one("Shot", [["project", "is", project], ["code", "is", "020"]])

schema = sg.schema_field_read("Shot", 'tail_in')


This schema gives me the default structure of the "tail_in" object, but how do I tell it to return the actual VALUES that are currently stored within shot "020" of an actual job?  Sorry, I know it must be a simple thing, but I just can't seem to get it...


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    Patrick Van Pelt

    Oops, nevermind.  Coworker had the solution I was looking for, namely using more filters with the "find_one" command.