Parsing XML / EDLs for Shotgun?

Hi, we're a small studio and we went through hell importing our last big project into Shotgun. It passed from Excel to Google Docs to Shotgun, all via cut & paste. Ugh. Surely I'm not the first to request this, so... how does one go about importing a Final Cut Pro XML timeline [EDL] into Shotgun to create a shotlist?


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    Jake Wilson

    I don't know much about FCP's XML format specifically, but if the file is just an XML file, a Python tool could be easily written to parse through the XML and import all the info into Shotgun.  Writing that tool will be the easy part.  The difficult or time-consuming part will be just figuring out what information from the XML you want to put into Shotgun and were you want it to go and how to be organized to best suite your project(s).

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    Victor Albright

    Even if it were just the simplest data. In, out, and duration.

    We are currently trying to script this in python, but until that works, lots of cut and paste for us too.

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    Tom Stratton

    Hi -


    I did a LOT of this using regular EDL's (eg: the ones that you send for pulling frames) and it's actually pretty easy to pull most of the info out. I haven't worked with the xml version but it can't be much more complicated than the Avid EDL's I was parsing.

    I acutally did a lot of the parsing with awk via shell scripts and the Python is just as easy (though I was new to Python at the time)

    I'm between gigs at the moment and might be able to lend a hand.... tom at tomstratton dot net

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    Rob Aitchison

    Since this thread is older, have there been any updates here by any SG & SGTK users?

    Just curious. :)