Conditional Permissions Editor in the UI

It would be great if admins had a UI in Shotgun where they could create and edit their own conditional permissions. Currently, advanced conditional permissions can only be set up by Shotgun Support. Giving users the ability to do this sort of thing themselves would be a powerful extension to the currently level of permissions control.

Some examples of conditional permissions:

  • Artists can only see Notes where they are in the To: or CC: field
  • Vendors can only see Assets for which they have Tasks assigned
  • Managers can only edit cut info on Shots that are not Final

What are some other examples of conditional permissions that would be useful? Click 'Me Too!' to vote up this feature, and add any additional thoughts or use cases in the comments.


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    Nephi Sanchez 正式なコメント

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the posts - there is some tough love here that I think we need to hear. I'll definitely take this discussion internally and see how close we think we are to being able to pull this off.

    We have been discussing a related idea lately, role-based permissions, and would love to get your thoughts on it.

    The idea is that a user can have different permission roles simultaneously - depending on Project. For example, I could be an artist with limited permissions on one project, but at the same time I could be an admin on a second project with way more power.

    Not saying this would take the place of conditional permissions - seems like those always will have their use cases, but I am curious how useful this type of role-based permissions would be for you all. Let me know your thoughts! And feel free to engage more directly if you prefer: nephi@shotgunsoftware.com



    ps - here is the official feature request post for per-project permissions that you can up-vote:



    (Thanks Tony!)

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    Alexey Borzykh

    + 1 on that feature. We're still in need of more flexibility on permissions and conditional permissions would do the next step for sure.

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    +1 on this - I can see that people have been requesting this since 2009, and that it's been promised to be included in the UI since 2010:




    Even if it wasn't available in the UI, a pointer to the config file or database entry where these rules are set up would be extremely helpful, and probably satisfy most users who need this access.

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    Julien Collee


    Hi there.

    Must say it feels weird not to see this feature already implemented at the core of the platform.
    Permissions/roles seems to be the basics of every project management solution.

    I'm on an artist level, and I'm struggling EVERY. DAY. to get the information relevant to me.
    I can't save custom pages nor custom filters and nobody has the ability to change that as it would mean, apparently, to give me rights EVERYWHERE on the project. Which would be dumb and un-necessary.

    Every day I need to update my time log/active tasks to see what's relevant for the day. It's frustrating, annoying, makes me lose minutes everyday to setup the basic things I need to work efficiently.

    So yeah. I'm really looking forward to something being done in the near future about that. I'm in an independent animation studio and can't really imagine what's it like to deal with this in a bigger structure.

    I don't have the power to do so, but if asked, I would suggest changing our project management solution to something else. Shotgun is definitively not giving my team or our departments the tools to be more autonomous, efficient, and collaborative.

    Some other things are working pretty well and I'm sorry for the tone of this post. But I honestly take no pleasure at all working with Shotgun on a daily basis.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope I'll be able to see some changes before moving elsewhere or on another project.

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    Julien Collee

    Hi Nephi

    THAT would be awesome :)
    Role-based permissions is probably the way to go. Admin, production, coordinators, artists, etc
    Plus the ability to give specific rights on a specific page maybe?

    To take again the example of my tasks/time log page, the idea is that we have a template, made by our pipeline/coordinating team, that would work basically for everyone. What's frustrating right now is that I can't even save a custom filter to sort the information the way I need them... And in that case, I wouldn't even need to 'save as' the page, but just to add and save my custom filter so that I can access the right information the next day as well.

    Really curious about how this could be solved and would be very happy to join the discussion :)

    Thanks again for your quick reply!

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    Nephi Sanchez

    HI Julien,


    Cool!  Thanks for the feedback.  


    Something that you might be able to use in the meantime is the "My Task Filter" section of the filter panel.  This section allows you to create personal filters, and has some handy things like an option to share your filters with others, and a "Me" token, that changes automagically for each user.  So for example if you create a filter for Tasks where "Assigned To" > "includes" > "Me", and then share the filter with others, that "Me" token adjust to show each viewer his/her tasks.


    Check out the image - see if this thing helps.  = )(image compliments of Tony A)

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    Julien Collee

    Hi Nephi

    Thank you for your answer!
    I kept trying to create a 'new saved filter' at the top of the menu.
    Did not try to create a custom filter in the "My Task Filters" section...

    I'll give it a try and will let you know.
    And if I can share it with other artists later that will be awesome.

    I think we could all have more "Shotgun workshop/session" at work to better use it. I'm in contact with Brandon Foster from you Support team and will try to schedule a session in the studio.

    Thanks again!

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    Nephi Sanchez

    Cool!!  Let me know how it goes.  = )

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    Erwan Leroy

    Any update on being able to edit/set conditional permissions? Even if it's only API based would work for me.