New 'Summary' page type, to quickly load aggregated summary data for a large numbers of records

Managers often need a page where they can see data summarized for a large number of records, such as seeing status or frame ranges for all 1800+ shots in an animated film, or viewing total time logged for the week for 800+ crew members worldwide. Currently, this can be done by setting a page to "Show all results" (so you are not limited to seeing data for only the first 200 entries), grouping the data as needed, and activating the "Show page/column summaries" option, which gives you something like this:


The problems with this approach are that a) you can't save a page showing more than 200 results for performance reasons, and b) those same performance concerns make pages like this very slow to load.

It would be very useful if Shotgun could include a type of page or view that would aggregate this type of summary data without carrying any unnecessary overhead of the field data within the collapsed groups, creating a streamlined / optimized page that loads quickly, but still gives managers all the summary data they need.

In designing this feature, it will be helpful if we can consider as many real-world use cases as possible, so please add comments telling us how you would use a page view like this, and what kind of reports you would create. And make sure to click "Me Too!" to vote up the feature and help us prioritize it accordingly.


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    This would be very useful for us too.  It wouldn't even have to be a separate page "type"--it would be enough to just have an option to hide all individual records and show ONLY the line items that are groups (along with their summaries of course).  Presuming, that is, that the page record limit then applies to the groups themselves and not individual records.