Excel export formatting / regional settings

We use Excel export to make calculations and reporting. There are two topics I would like to address.

As we are based in France our regional formatting is different : list separators are ";" and not "," and comma is "," and not "." (see picture) 

Shotgun exports csv files without taking it into account  : the csv files cannot be read directly in Excel. We need to modify them manually in the Notepad : not very convenient. 

I suggest Shotgun to read the computer regional settings in the environment variables within Windows and adapt its exportation accordingly. 

Second subject is about the symbol "hrs" and "hr" used in the export file for hour values. This string is concatenated directly to the value. We cannot do any calculation on those values until we delete for each cell the string "hrs" and "hr". Would not it be possible not to add this text ? Or in a different way. It adds nothing to the export file.

Thank you.





Screen Shot 10-08-14 at 09.02 AM.PNG