Split task manipulation options (for speed).

Split tasks are wonderfully useful, but sometimes the Gantt view can be a bit sluggish.  Manipulating a split task would be quicker if:

a.) There was an option to "Remove Selected Split on Task" in addition to "Clear All Splits on Task."  While the latter solidifies that all time between the start and end dates are working time, the former would remove the padding that a split represents.  Subsequent restart or end dates on the assignment would shift left and decrease under the instruction that the selected split would no longer be needed or valid.

b.) There was an option to "Clear Selected Split on Task."  Presently, you can only "heal" all splits or none.  An option to also solidify the time between two splits (with the potential to leave others alone) on an assignment would be useful and cleaner than just making unneeded splits close neighbors.


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    Jennifer Brola

    c.) Batch split task and/or manual entry.  It's much easier to batch select and tell it to "Split selected at a particular date" or enter a split date by hand when adding multiple splits.  Multiple splits at the same date could happen when a sub-team gets temporarily reassigned to another project, or it could happen a few people are sent out-of-office to a conference.