Make ability to reply more prominent in the Client Review Site

In the latest release of the Client Review Site the ability to correspond back and forth with your clients through Notes and Replies was made possible. We've heard from some users, however, that their clients are missing the "reply" button on existing Notes they've created, and are instead creating new Notes for every correspondence, which makes following an entire conversation more difficult.

One suggestion we've heard to address this is to make the reply button more prominent, or to add additional copy to the new Note form like "Start a new comment." The goal is to direct the client to reply to existing Notes where appropriate.

Would this be useful to you? If so, what other ways would help draw your clients eyes to create replies instead of new Notes? Let us know in the comments! 


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    Frank Rueter

    I would really like to see a bit of polish for this. I have clients that constantly create a new note in reply to my note.

    And, ironically, when they do want to reply, they sometimes hit the "approved" button instead cause it's where the normal OK button would be.

    A slightly tweak to the layout might go a long way to make this more intuitive.