Include Version Names in Client Review Site Emails

With the last major update to the Client Review Site the ability to correspond with your Client Users via the Notes they create was added. This allowed you to keep feedback and conversation collated all in one place. Currently the email that is sent from Shotgun to the client user only identifies what Playlist in which the feedback was produced, but does not specify on which Version that feedback was given.

This request is to add additional contextual information in the reply email which is sent to the Client User, specifically the name of the Version. Would this be useful to you? Are there any additional fields of data you'd want to see included? Would you want to be able to pick and choose which fields from the Version are included? Vote, and let us know in the comments!


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    Frank Rueter

    Yes, pretty please! I often send a bunch of generic comments like "this is now on the ftp". The clients tend to get very confused when receiving a bunch of those with no info about what version I'm talking about, and seeing what shot I'm referring to means they don't have to log into Shotgun to react to it (in the ftp example).

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    Frank Rueter

    On a similar note (this may or may not be a separate feature request):

    When sharing a playlist initially, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to include each version name and reason for review in the notification email that everybody receives, thus providing a summary of what is in the playlist and why it's there. I appreciate that this may be a security concern for some, so maybe an option to include this would make everybody happy?