Shotgun Agent

I was just watching the Microsoft /BUILD conference and their new chat bot/agent AI frameworks and thought. "That's perfect for Shotgun!".

I would love a slack bot integration.   Be able to type something like this:

Gavin : "Show me the latest concept art published this week for the Van Asset in AT&T Discover."
Shotgun : "Here are the files published to the Asset: 'Van' in the Project: 'AT&T Discover Your World' published in the last week:
Shotgun: "Concept 10_v02"
Shotgun: "Concept 11_v03"
Shotgun: "Model_Blocking_v05"
[Alembic local link]
Gavin: "What shots are "Model_Blocking_v05" used in?"
Shotgun: Asset: "Van" Publish: "Model_Blocking_v05" is linked to the following <shot> Entities:
1) Sequence: "30s" \ Shot: "0020"
2) Sequence: "30s" \ Shot: "0050"
3) Sequence "15s" \ Shot: "0010"