JSON data type for fields

Native lists and dicts would be nice to have. We store a lot of things on entities, and it doesn't always make sense to have a separate field for every value.



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    Nephi Sanchez 正式なコメント

    Hi Everyone,


    Thanks for the comments!  Curious if you all could elaborate on how your workflows would change if there was a JSON type field, v. a text field?





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    Kym Watts

    +1 , we currently store dictionary in string fields in shotgun, native support would be awesome.

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    Pete Addington

    I LIKE. Being able to manifest JSON custom data natively in a field type without serlialization would be very powerful. I am currently pushing this into text fields. Entity data storage outside the publish outputs really opens up highly nuanced tracking possibilities.

    Whilst this is an option, you have to ask support to enable it on a field. This does not help the workflow of being able to add and remove for different projects and when setting up new workflows. 

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    Jesse Lucas

    We are also pushing JSON into Text fields.

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    Benoit Leveau

    We also store JSON into text fields.

    Our main use case is for storing the list of delivery presets along with their settings for each project. We could use a custom entity for that, and each setting would be a field on the entity, but using JSON strings has helped us iterate through different versions more easily. It's hard to make entities evolve without filling up with every field that was ever used.

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    Patrick Macdonald

    +1 ! Has there been any movement to having this implemented?