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It would be great to be able to "Download All" from the Shotgun Client Review Site. If there's only 1 or 2 Versions in the shared Playlist it's fine to downloading one at a time. If there's 10+ Versions in a shared Playlist it's quite time consuming. Please add this feature! :-)


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    Kym Watts

    Hey Rob,

    I created a similar request last year:



    If you have access to a python dev, we figured out a workaround for this.

    If you create a playlist with a dummy version, and share it to the client review site.

    Create a zipfile of all the versions you want the person to beable to download.

    Unlock the playlist, upload the zipfile to the  "attachments" field on the Version.

    Lock the Playlist again.


    You could then make this an action menu item or event trigger.

    Be weary , as the amount of files your storing as a zip, downloading via shotgun may not be the fastest way.


    Hope that helps.


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    Rob Shears

    Hi Kym

    Apologies for the late reply! Thank you for the workaround HOT tip. Very useful / helpful.