Locked Page Layouts

I have set up a page layout for our vendors to export data from to easily generate a weekly report. The exported .csv is copy/pasted into a extremely detailed formula full excel doc which takes the less then beautiful data from SG and formats it in the way we'd like to view it. It includes summarizing shots under various categories, reformatting things like status' that export with the status code and not the status name, not showing the thumbnail URLS or ID column, etc. This is only maintainable if no one adjusts the columns on the page in SG. I've expressed to all of the other users how important this is to keep everything the same but if someone accidentally shifts one column to the right, the formulas no long work because they're looking in the wrong spot.

ALL of that being said, it would be great if we could lock down a page layout the same way we can lock a playlist when sending it to a client. We share our SG with our vendors and would be awesome if we could set it up how we like and then lock it from a particular user permissions group.

I feel like even internally it would be great to have a page of my own the way I prefer to view things and not have to worry about someone else saving their settings over it.