Push Favorited Pages to Select Users

It would be great if it was possible to push Favorited pages to all users in Shotgun.
Under the 'All Pages' drop-down menu in 'My Pages', there is a section for 'Favorites'.
Currently these Favorited items are based on what the user decides.

What we would like is if we can set Favorited pages that we deem as important for every user. (Such as our support ticket system or the time logs home). Currently some pages are hard to find unless they're bookmarked in the browser or favorited by that user.

This would make it more efficient for everyone to find pages that have been created to help make management and requests for effective.

It could be pushed to per project, to all users, or to a group of people.

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    Kym Watts

    It would be great if this could be configured globally, per project or as a user template.