Create a Note for Client Approvals in the Client Review Site

As of 6.3 you can click the "Approve" button in the Client Review Site to approve a Version. This checks the "Client Approved" field on a Version but does not currently generate a Note. We've heard feedback that it would be helpful to see this as a Note in Shotgun so it appears on the Activity Stream.

Please add your support to this feature request if you'd like to see this developed in the future.


*A current workaround is to add the "Client Approved" field as an interesting field on Versions from under the Admin Menu > Global Following Settings. Any changes to this field will then appear on the Activity Stream.


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    Rangi Sutton

    Using screening room in RV, I don't think I get any options to make this visible such as described in the workaround.

    It was in fact a lot more useful when client had to make a note to say "approved" as it listed very clearly in our internal review sessions.

    Please add option for approve and unapprove to add notes to the version, flagged as originating in client review site of course.