Default Multi-Entity fields to use id

Hi guys


This really is a very minor issue but we've noticed that on custom multi-entity links users are able to trigger the auto-complete prompt to identify the relevant entity. However, the default fields of this type aren't able to do this. We've noticed this significantly when linking playlists. Our production team asked if there was a way to use the id of a playlist in the field of a version rather that using the "Add to Existing Playlist" option. They said they'd find this useful when having to link individual versions and not those which happen to be grouped together.

We try to keep the names of our entities as simple as possible and force our users to rely on the relevant fields rather than an all encompassing "name". As a result we try to avoid information like dates in playlists names. I'm not too sure how other people work but this seems to be a sensible approach from our point of view. It would be great if all multi-entity links could behave in a consistent manner and be able to use the id to search for the pertinent entity.


Thanks a lot