Way to see in what Projects a Field is visible

Now that Fields can be made visible or invisible per-Project, it would be really useful to easily be able to find out in what Projects a Field is visible. This would help site admins know when Fields were no longer being used and could potentially be deleted, or to see if certain Projects are not utilizing certain required Fields. This will become a much more urgent need as time goes by and studios build up long lists of Fields, and need to periodically cull the master list to reduce server complexity.

This could be an added Field on the Fields page showing "Projects Visible In." Or could just be exposed in the API so that a script could report what Fields are not visible in any active Projects, or whether certain required Fields are invisible in any current Projects.

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    MacDonald, Christopher

    Would this be coming like the Tracking Settings page but for all projects on the server?  This sounds interesting and I can see the value in having it, especially if it could show a table view of the fields to quickly ascertain the fields.

    I had a few scripts that require knowing the fields in use in a project which can be found using the schema_read method with a project name in the filter.  This will return the current entity schema being used on that project, so you would need to query each of your projects.  If you use schema_read without a project you will get a global list.  For script purposes, I have scripts that a server daemon will run when the schema is changed and will create an xml dump of the schema.  I then use the xml for input into individual scripts to save on the number of server commands being sent back and forth as this has been a drain a few times on our server throughput in the past.