Better documentation for configuring apps with git

This isn't exactly a feature request, but I found the documentation a little lacking with regards to installing and maintaining apps/frameworks, etc. from a git repo.

On this page: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/95442678 in the Code Locations section, it has a few examples of what to add to an env file, which is how I got started, but I got stumped in a few places.

First, I had to kind of guess that I had to use tank to update the app. This wasn't explicitly mentioned, nor were there any examples. Tank isn't very well documented to begin with, so I'm learning by trial and error every time I use it. 

Next, the URL examples didn't quite line up with how I usually connect to git. That's totally fine, but the tank command just told me it failed, not why. So I had to guess and check a bunch of times until I figured out that I needed tweak the URL.

Next, the documentation loosely mentions tags in this sentence: "When looking for updates, Sgtk will retrieve all tags from the repository and run a version comparison, trying to determine the highest number.", but nowhere does it say that tag is required. Instead, I got another vague tank error that had me guessing and checking until I figured it out.

Now that I've done it, it makes complete sense that tags should be required, but I feel like I wasted a lot of time when some clearer documentation could have helped. 


In any event, I still love toolkit and all you lovely developers. Thanks for listening.