Generate mini-cuts from Screening Room for Web

We've heard from you that it would be great to generate mini-cuts on the fly, both for yourself or through the Client Review Site.  The idea would be to assemble a cut and be able to share it so things can be seen in context without needing to run through editorial for it.  It could be use done the fly and exported out as needed.  Clients could use it when they want to share just the most important bits instead of having you re-run it out.  Vote here to show your support!


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    Frank Rueter

    This would be an excellent feature to have people check their work in mini cuts to avoid nasty surprises in the cut.Directors often prefer seeing mini cuts as well and I think reviewing in context of the edit makes for a mcuh more efficient workflow.

    I don't thik Shotgun should offer an editor for this (that would be asking for trouble), but rather an option for a playlist to obey cut fields and publish playlists to a client side like that (as a mini cut rather than a collection of shots).

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    Juanmaria Garcia

    I think it would be useful, as we can integrate our editorial tool with Cut in and Cut out fields and have an updated version of the edit, and play parts of it helps detecting racord problems and many other details that can make us repeat some tasks.