Option to Change Who Is Emailed For Shotgun Errors

Some of our clients prefer to be the first point of contact within their facility when there are Shotgun issues.  Right now, when an error message pops up, it says to email support@shotgunsoftware.com but it would be great if we can:

  • change who the email gets sent to
  • allow for a comma separated list of email addresses
  • give an option for additional email addresses in a CC field  

This would help Shotgun administrators be aware of issues that arise, that they may not otherwise know about.  Or, some facilities have more complex workflows and want to flush out Shotgun issues internally before it reach our support.  Vote for this topic if you like the idea!


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    Patrick Wolf

    The shotgun error pop-up is rather cryptic but contains an id which allow Shotgun to look up what happened on the back-end.
    So I'm not sure how clients could utilize this when they don't have access to the back-end logs. 
    I could see it being useful for clients which run their own server though.