Want an Excel sheet which updates its data automatically from Shotgun?

Currently the process of exporting data from shotgun to Excel involves a couple of steps:
Login, browse to page, export a file and then open it in Excel

This is easy enough but it gets much more involved if we want the data to be up-to-date every time we open the Excel sheet.
Fortunately Excel does provide a function which can make this a single click solution (plus login) called "Data From Web"
"Data from Web" allows parsing a html table and turning it into Excel cells and then keeping it up-to-date automatically.

All that is needed is that a shotgun page return data not as a complex HTML table but a simple table like this one:

<table border="1">
<tr><th>Header 1</th> <th>Header 2</th></tr>
<tr><td>row 1, cell 1</td> <td>row 1, cell 2</td></tr>

Excel could then read and parse the shotgun page automatically.

Check out the attached screen shots. It's cool how easy it is and I'm sure it would cover a large range of use cases!
ie an Execl workbook for accounting which automatically updates to the latest time logs on open.

If you have more use cases post them and if you like to see the feature vote for it!