Able to sort and filter on linked pipeline status summary columns

 When you reveal a status summary column for a linked pipeline, you currently can't filter, sort and group by these columns.

We've heard from some clients it would be really great to be able to filter, sort and group by the summary status. To add your support to this feature, click on the 'Me Too!' button to vote it up, and feel free to add any additional thoughts or use cases in the comments.


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    Sarah Cortina

    This is slightly related, so I'll add the comment here. 

    It would be really helpful to be able to add cell color formatting rules based on upstream/downstream tasks related to the shot. For example, I want to alert Animators that they need to prioritize work on certain shots because there will be FX work happening downstream. So I want to be able to highlight a cell in the Animation schedule page (for example highlight the shot code cell) using a rule such as: If Link > Shot > 3DFX > Task name is "3DFX"

    This sort of rule could also be used to alert a Lighting artist when all of the upstream tasks linked to their assignment have been completed, so they know it's ready to start work. 


    (If this request ought to be in a separate thread, please let me know)

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    Juanmaria Garcia

    We support the sorting on pipeline summary columns, specially on status, so that you can put together all the final, all the in progress, etc.