Support cut entities in screening room

Screening Room has limited support for seeing versions in context, but it relies on the (deprecated?) sg_cut_order field on shots. Not everything in a cut has a shot (e.g. shots with no vfx).

For what it's worth, this is the workflow we'd like to implent:

1. Receive cut from editorial

2. Chop up into discrete shots in editing software (Nuke Studio is our current choice)

3. Export to Shotgun (create a version for each item in timeline, automatically link to shots that exist) as a cut ("cut_v001")

4. In RV, view some version. I want to tell screening room to view this version in context of cut_v001. This would pop up a new RV/screening room, with the cut shown in the browser pane. (similar behaviour to current "View Version and Neighbouring Shots").

Viewing a cut in RV would be more like viewing a sequence than viewing a playlist, i.e. it would have a vertical component (different versions) as well as the horizontal (cut order). 


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    Agree, it would be fantastic to have this feature. 

    To avoid setting up shots in shotgun, you could use in and out points based on an edl type list - which would relate to a published set of frames, at sequence level.