Play Latest Version Context Menu Item

We've heard from some clients how they would like some additional "Play in RV" context options. For example a user could right-click on a Shot and select "Play Latest Version in RV" which would bring up the latest Version of that Shot in the RV player.

This could be further expanded upon to key off other data on the Version, for example "Play Latest <pipeline step> Version." Would this be useful to you? In what other contexts would further "Play in RV" commands be useful? Let us know in the comments!


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    Frank Rueter

    What Tony said!

    When we first tested the RV integration years back, the first reaction everybody had was "why can't I play latest version of a shot?"

    It's the intuitive thing to do for artistst and production alike to wquickly want to see a shot's latets version, so this fearture is well over due IMHO.

    Might finally make some time to write a custom action menu, but it should really be a default feature.