Project Timeline App - Turn On or Off Milestone Display

We use Milestones to also track delivery (for example 24 out of 30 shots delivered. We put this in the notes and can read it when hover mouse over the Milestone dot.).


The problem is that as we add more Milestones, the dots appears to be random and the timeline begins to shrink. As it shrinks, the words labeling the timeline eventually disappears. We have zoomed as much as possible, but still no label.

  • It will be nice to turn off or turn on Milestones to prevent the timeline bar graph from shrinking and labels disappearing.
  • It would also be nice to have the ability to keep the Milestone dots lined up, so it’s not all over the place.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 15.52.07.png


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    Kurt Hartman

    Same request, slightly different need.  When filtering to only see certain phases (our shoot days) all the milestones remain, which makes the view very cluttered and non-focused.  Would be great to have an option to turn them off in this situation and others like it.