Project Timeline App - More Mark Up Features

From the looks of it, Project Timeline App seems to be a tool to do a rough schedule mark up. If that's the case we would like to see a the following features added:


  • Just like the ability to drag and drop the Phases left and right. It would be nice to drag and drop to move the Phase top or bottom. This is for readability. No need to hunt around to figure what which line is what phase. This is because when phases overlap, which bar goes on the top and which bar goes on the bottom is controlled by the app. If we allow manual control, we can move the bar with the particular phase to always the same position relative to other overlapping bars which means it's always constant and easy to find. Right now, there is no way to control it and we are at the mercy of AI to figure the best location to put it.
  • It would also be nice to move the Milestone dots to where we like it to be instead of randomly popping up either to the top of the Phase or to the bottom of the Phase.
  • Lastly, we notice as Milestones are added the Phases bar will shrink. Sometimes it gets so small that the label disappears, even if we use max zoom. It would be nice to keep the Phase bars at the same thickness, so labels don't disappear.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 15.52.07.png