Adding Options and Queries to "Advanced Grouping" in "Group"

Hi guys

I was wondering if there's any way to add more functionality to the "GROUP" option in the pages to include a query based grouping option that would be more flexible than the current 2 options.

For example right now we have multiple instances of sequences on INVERT as follows:


Which need to be broken up this way due to our clients etc. However, from a working standpoint they are all part of the "aad_seq". Is there any way to group by such so that they're not being broken down so much in our views?

So I was wondering if we could add options the 'Group' drop-down 'Advanced Group'  like (Begins with, Ends with, Contains, Is, Is not) with a text field and a field selection option. Something similar to the set-up that there is when you create a new field and select a query option.

Does this make sense?