Flag/Star Notes in the Inbox

We've received feedback from studios that it would be handy to be able to flag or star Notes in the Inbox so that you can come back to these Notes at a later date. Clients would also like to filter for these Notes or have a folder for starred Notes so they can track them down easily.

Please click 'Me too' if you'd like to see this supported in the future.


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    Neil Van Dijk


    Having the ability to flag or organize SG inbox would help productions and departments immensely. Currently after a notification is viewed in SG inbox it becomes marked as READ and is hidden within all other read notifications. This is an issue because sometimes we check our inbox on the fly and quickly move to something else creating the high possibility of important information not being followed up on since it is now hidden away.

    Could we create an option to FLAG notifications or create FOLDERS to organize work into?

    This way if a notification is important we are able to mark it as reminder to follow up on.

    Thank you

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    Brendan Abel

    I just had a request to be able to star or favorite specific notifications as well.  For now, we might be able to use the note tags field to do something similar.  The downside is that it requires creating and using a separate Notes page to filter and view them (instead of being able to filter directly in the Inbox), and the tags are shared amongst all users (instead of being unique to each user).   

    Giving users the ability to assign per-user tags to notes/notifications and filter them directly from the inbox (Favorite or Starred could be one of those tags) would be helpful.