Sticky Filters (..for lack of a better name)

Filters that stay the same from one view to the next, within a given page

(for this example i will use shots but it also applies to other entities)

Entities can have lots of fields .. sometimes a lot of fields, while we try to keep it to a minimum, it keeps growing since we got Shotgun. Obviously displaying them all on a page is counter intuitive and makes for messy and massive pages. To keep everything organized and somewhat clean we use a combination of views and filters. So, on a shot page we have filters setup (basic stuff like All shots, Delivered Shots, Omit Shots and the ever popular My Shots) and views that display different types of fields for the same shots .. (one view is "Main" containing basic shot info, another is "Progress" containing delivery dates, pipeline steps, notes etc... another one for "Editorial" containing shot timing, first/last frames handles etc..)

The basic way to visualize this, is that the top views sift the fields and the filters sift the contents


But... the problem is that filters can be set differently from on view to another, so as an example, in my "main" view, i filter out to just see "My Shots" it would be good if that filter would keep the way it is when i switch to the "editorial" view


was that clear enough ?


obviously it would have to also be per entity only

maybe that could be a per page preference?


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    Alexey Borzykh

    vote for this feature, Jean, and you won't need sticky filtering anymore https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/93250936-Field-sets

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    Jean Francois Lafleur

    probably... depending on how it's implemented. it cannot be too deep in the interface to switch from set to set otherwise casual users (most artists here..) won't use the feature .. it really has to be a big obvious "click me" button ... and the top views are just that.