Show in File System for Linked Files


I haven't seen a request for something like this (or maybe I missed it?), but a number of the artists here have approached me asking if there's a way to access a linked file via the "show in file system" mechanism that's available via toolkit on certain entities throughout Shotgun.

An example that I've even run into myself: The client will send reference that we need to match to...a Producer will place the reference in the appropriate directory, create a note, and use the Link to Local mechanism to "attach" the reference to the note for easy access by the assigned artists. All this works great. Where it breaks down is if an artist wants to bring the file into their app to compare, for instance using to color match in Nuke. The artist has to hover over the link and manually navigate to the path to access the file direct.

It would be fantastic if there was a way to navigate to any linked asset using the same, or similar, "show in file system" mechanism.




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    Erich Hall

    I second this! We're using Shotgun as an asset management tool in the traditional sense(keeping track of a bunch of files).  All functions work great until we have to actually work with the file, then we will have to either save to disk via our web browser, if in the cloud, or hover over the filename and figure out the file path(even a file path field would be ok?).  I did find out though that you can link to a folder which clicking on the link will open the folder. This is kind of the workaround, but I think it would be great to be able to have the option to navigate to that file in the file system to be able to work with it.