Filtering Phases in the Project Timeline App + Gantt

We do mostly commercials, so our schedules are pretty tight and we are usually working on more than 10 simultaneous projects at any time, plus a ton of finishing jobs that we treat them as projects too.

The Project Timeline App is great, but you can have so much information in there that is really hard to read and get visual cues, so we think that a way to filter the data is needed, I mean, you can filter by Projects, but it would be awesome if at least you could turn on and off the visibility of Phases and Milestones independently.
Sometimes we just want to see the broad picture of the important dates, review sessions and deliveries for instance (Milestones), for all of our Active Projects (a lot). 

Next level would be to add a Type to the Phases and Milestones and use this to filter them out, I know that the main idea of the App is to keep it simple to be fast but with so much information packed in there without a way to unclutter the view it turn quite useless. Colors are great but not everybody sticks to a convention because it's hard to remember, with a Type field, and using an Event Daemon trigger you could automatically assign colors and beyond. And if some Studios don't need the Type Field, just don't use it.

Gantt Display of Phases & Milestones (see 01_GanttDisplayMenu.png), once again, it would be really helpful to turn them on and off independently, with a lot of Tasks, Milestones and by having Start and End dates of Phases so close together because of commercials common schedules there's so much information. A great plus would be to also filter them out by using the Type mentioned before.

To have an idea take a look at 02_ProjectTimelineApp.png and then 03_GanttView.png

Our artists are more worried about reviewing sessions and delivery dates rather than when the Animation starts and ends for instance, but coordinators and managers are another story.

To add your support for this feature request, click on the "Me Too!" link below, and feel free to add comments with any additional use cases or details.



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    Imuri Juárez Elenes

    That would be very helpful, sometimes is hard to read the timeline info.

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    Nathalie Cyr

    Yes it will help us too

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    Shauna Lee

    In addition to type, an episode option would also be helpful.