Custom tags field with its own tag set

Clients have requested the ability to create a custom field that works like the 'Tags' field, but has its own pool of tags, rather than using the global tag set that all the Tags fields use. This would allow users to curate a smaller set of tags for a specific purpose, that would autocomplete as users started to type in this field. Should allow multiple tags and otherwise operate just as tags fields do currently, but should not share autocomplete values with the rest of the tags fields.

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    Michael Harbour (mharbour)

    Is there a plan to implement this?  This is critical for a project such as an element library whereas you might end up having hundreds of tags that do not need to be global, but there is a benefit in that they are added to a list that users can pull from later on.  The problem with them being global is that they bury the other tags that might be useful for production (say, easy medium and hard) in 'noise' which makes it hard for individual shows to use on their productions effectively.

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    François TARLIER

    +1 on this. This is a request I get every day from my team. Any progress on that ?