Display 0% on Graph Widget

At the moment, you can only use a Graph widget to display values > than 0%. For example, if you have a Graph widget displaying Tasks graphed by who they're assigned to, then you will only see People who have assigned Tasks. There is no current way to display People in a Graph Widget who have no Tasks or Tasks = 0%. If we were to include 0% in the Graph widget logic then you could see People who are yet to be assigned Tasks.

Please add your support to this feature request if you'd like to see 0% displayed on the Graph widget.


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    Armando Ricalde

    Yes please, we usually have to compare the behaviour of 2 or more Entities by day (or week) for instance, so we put the widgets side by side, but is difficult to do the comparison when there are days missing because the value is 0%

    I take this chance to also ask for new graph widgets with deeper customization.
    Take a look at this http://d3js.org/