Crew Planning Person Durations

It would be useful to be able to see the total duration for Bookings on each user within the Crew Planning App, as it is often necessary to know the total man-days a given person is assigned to a Project. Preferably this would be displayed in the lefthand column where each person appears.

This could be further refined to only display duration information for the current range of time on display within Crew Planning.

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    We would also like to be able to see the man days assigned per user. We always cross check days bid vs. artist days allocated so it would be great to also be able to have this information be able to filter into widgets on an project overview / canvas page. In addition to this it would be great if we could get a little more specific in the crew planning. We work on a lot of TV episodic work with different deadlines for each episode so if there is a way to link to an episode in the crew planning app this would be very useful. 

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    Hugh Macdonald

    I think that this would be more flexible by allowing extra fields to be added on a custom basis - this way things could be shown depending on how the facility would like to see them.

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    Whitney Loveall

    I know this is an old thread, and that there is no current plan to develop Crew Planning further. However, this would be seriously great for us, just like your original suggestion Brandon - the ability to calculate duration would be great. Currently we just export to excel, calculate, and then re-import to a manually-created Duration field.