Customize navigation hierarchy in Screening Room column browser

At the moment, we currently only support Versions linked to Shots, Assets and Playlists within Screening Room's column browser. For example, you can't currently navigate to Versions linked to custom Entities or directly linked to Sequences but would need to add these into a Playlist to navigate in the column browser.

Please add your support to this feature request if you'd like to be able to define the structure of the column browser to match your Entity hierarchy.

For Example:

Acts > Sequences > Shots
Episodes > Sketches > Sequences > Shots

Projects > Sequences


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    Ben Hadden

    Hey everyone,

    We're looking into how to support more hierarchies, and it'd really help to get examples of how you all structure your projects. This ticket relates to Screening Room, but we're thinking about other parts of Shotgun as well. Please share how you organize your projects (e.g. Sequence > Shot, Episode > Sequence > Shot) so we can get a better sense for the hierarchies we need to support.

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    Andrew Honacker

    Scenes > Shots  Please!!

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    Halil Mehmet

    Hi There,

    We use CustomEntities and have a hierarchy that follows something similar to CustomEntity01 > CustomEntity02 > CustomEntity03

    So having the ability to choose what Entities are displayed in Screening Room would be great and then choosing the hierarchy would be a bonus.

    I can see that the new Media page in the latest 6.3 Shotgun update follows the hierarchy set out in the Project Tracking settings and displays CustomEntities, so having Screening Room behave in a similar fashion would be fantastic. 

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    Mike Miller

    Sequences > Scenes ..would really be great!

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    We have a requirement to have sequence level play-blasts. At the moment we are unable to locate them via Screening room. Would be great if we could get to the Sequence level movs as well using RV.