Rebuild the Trash page

Based on conversations with engineering, our hope is to have something like this:

- View a page of retired records by entity type using our entity query page tech, including pagination.

- Ability to sort, group, filter retired records

- Ability to display their fields, but not edit values

- Ability to unretire in batch

- Ability to see who retired a record and when

- Look at the retirement_date instead of the event log to determine what shows up on this page

See attached design for more details.



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    Ben Hadden

    This one is coming out tomorrow! 

    We "rebuilt" the Trash page, the place you go to un-delete or revive entities you've deleted, so it behaves more like a normal Shotgun page. This has some immediate benefits, such as:
    - Much faster load times since we're paginating the results
    - Ability to filter by any field to find the entity you're looking for
    - Ability to revive entities in bulk
    See the attached image for how these new pages will work.