make "path to frames" / "path to movie" fields in Screening Room copy/paste for all users

This is a desperately broken / missing feature - many artists use Screening Room to find media, but the path to that media is only copy/paste-able (and honestly, only readable) for users with higher levels of access. Our base users cannot see the full path, nor can they copy it, so this powerful feature is only useful for supervisors, who do not need it as desperately. See attached screenshot:





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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Andy,

    Do your Artists not have edit permissions on those fields? If so I see exactly what you're talking about. If you don't have edit permissions on a field, you can definitely see the values, but you cannot highlight them for easy copying. This is the case in Screening Room and elsewhere in Shotgun (like on a list page of Versions), so I can definitely see the value being able to highlight+copy that data.

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    Absolutely needed.  Any artist that cannot edit fields (90% of them on the show) is unable to copy any fields.

    I second this request something wicked.