The ability to customize the Overview for any entity based on what is linked to it.

Currently you can see if any of the fields on an entity has changed but not any additional information about the links in those fields.  So if you create a custom entity that has a list of "Affected Tasks" for example as a field, you can see if a task has been added to that field but you cannot see if that linked task's status has changed and in reverse you cannot see on the task's overview if that entity's status has changed. This feature would also be useful for existing entities like seeing on the overview tab of a task the status change of its upstream tasks.

Having the ability to pick and choose what is useful per entity would be great to meet individual studios' needs.


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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Huong,

    Interesting idea! Just so to make sure I'm understanding it fully, you'd like to be able to basically display additional field data on linked entities on the Overview page. This would be akin to being on a List page of Tasks and linking through to shot the status of the Shot (Task > Link > Shot > Status), is that correct?

    Or I may be overcomplicating things, and you're simply looking for the behavior that currently exists for Tasks on an entity Overview page. If you make changes to Tasks on a Shot (status, start/end dates, assignments, etc), those events appear on the Shot overview page, in addition to the Task overview. You'd like this same sort of "trickle up" behavior for custom fields. Is that a more accurate description of the request?

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    Huong Nguyen

    The first.  And actually, allowing the user to select additional fields to show on the overview would cover custom entities and custom fields as well.