Master Detail View is always available but hides when not needed

Hi All,

There are 2 main challenges we have with the master detail view:

1) It “disappears” when you click on a direct link to a shot, eg. from an email. You are taken to the shot detail page instead. Navigating to another shot means leaving this page in shotgun 5. Shotgun 4 had drops to do that (though I’m not suggestion we bring those back).
2) It takes up a lot of screen real estate. The left sidebar on the master detail view takes up a lot of space. When you add the filter tab pinned on the right, leaves even less space available for the important info in the middle.

I propose that the master detail side bar is available on every shot and shot detail page, but hides when not needed (the filter panel could potentially do the same), like the Gantt chat on task pages. Though perhaps with the interactivity of the sidebars in something like Adobe Lightroom, where they overlay when you move the mouse to the appropriate edge.

Possibly the implementation would be to not actually allowing you to go to a shot detail page, but in fact always loading the master detail view focused on the shot that was linked.