Way to pin specific Playlists in Media Center for all users

It would be useful for a manager to be able to identify certain playlists that should show up for all users in Media Center and make them sticky. Currently each user has to search for Playlists to have them show up in MC, this would basically be pre-populating the MC nav area with the Playlists that are deemed important.


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    Nate Barnard

    I agree, this coincides with being able to push out configurations of all aspects of the page to specific users.  We have the ability to set specific people to have specific shotgun start pages.  Another field to set custom Media app preconfigs would be good too.  I have to go to each designers desk and set up the interface to suite how we want them to work.  I need the interface to be consistent yet different for each department that uses the app.  I would settle for a master push to default in the meantime :)