Screening Room Features Wishlist


Would love to be able to:

1. Ctrl/shift select sequences from shots view within 'Projects/xxx/Shots'.

2.  Export/share filters ('My Version Filters') with other artists in 'Projects/xxx/Shots' and 'All Versions' area.

3.  Right click ability on shot header to access things like task assignment.  (A ticket is created by Shotgun Support already)

4.  Have option in 'Global Versions Pages' to toggle the view of all versions of the same shot back to back (current), or, stacked with latest on top similar to how versions are displayed when viewed in Projects/xxx/Shots.

5.  Update base default template/layout of filters on all pages to accomodate specific project workflow. (Ex. Sort by link as default)

Love to hear what others think too!




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    Nate Barnard

    6.  Expandable filter windows, currently only scroll

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    Sara Cameron

    Screening Room Request:
    The ability to save exposed fields and layout per project so the link to the screening room webpage will open up to display specific fields in the notes section. Currently, if a different user opens the link, the fields are not displayed and need to be turned on manually.