Per-value permissions on regular list fields (like status list fields)

Would like to have granular permission-based control over who sees the options in a list field, like you can with status list fields currently. Status list fields have the sometimes unnecessary overhead of displaying an icon and short code along with the value name. Having the option to hide those things might achieve the same results.


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    Huong Nguyen

    From what I can tell, the status list field can be configured for editing per value but not visibility per value (I cannot hide an individual status, just the status field as a whole) unless the individual status' visibility is set on a project. This works well when a person is looking at a list in a project but if they are looking at say a list of tasks across multiple projects, they can see the full list of statuses regardless of what project the values are for. Some filtering seems to help like if you specify individual projects. But this filter can get tedious to update as new projects are added (filtering by project type, etc, doesn't work to hide statuses).

    Below is what we would find most useful per a request from our producers:

    Ideally I would have status options auto-hide any time they are not usable. This would make the most sense.
    Example: if user Bob did not have visibility into *any* VPP projects then any task page Bob creates will not include any VPP project tasks - and so the VPP project statuses are automatically not visible, since they will never be used on any of the tasks he is able to view.

    Another option would be to be able to be able to set visibility per-status the same way we can current set permission to switch certain statuses per-status. I imagine you would need a default "unknown" status that would be used whenever the actual status was not visible to the current user.