Official Support for Internet Explorer

We have several clients who are Windows shops and would like to see official support for Internet Explorer.

This becomes even more important as they extend their workflow to include the use of Windows Tablets and Phones.

If this is something that interests you, please hit the "Me Too" button or leave a comment.


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    Gavin Greenwalt

    Windows 8.1 Metro, Windows Phone and Windows RT all use the same build of IE.  So targeting IE would be compatible with every version of windows. 

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    Robert Duane

    I think it should be more prominently displayed somewhere that you don't support Internet Explorer... unless I missed that bit.

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    Patrick Wolf

    Microsoft itself considers IE legacy and is coming out with Edge in Win10 so I can't see any point in putting resources into IE going forward.

    My -1 to close the request and focus on more important issues